Rocbinda™ pigmented resin ensures longer colour life to traffic calming areas over traditional bitumen based systems

Using the same polyurethane resin technology as our BBA /HAPAS approved system, Rocbinda™ can be used in conjunction with a range of aggregates, both natural and brightly pigmented, to provide a variety of coloured road surfaces for various applications.

To the road user, the use of coloured surfacing draws attention to a change of environment, a particular hazard or highlights other measures implemented to improve road safety.  The use of colour on a carriageway can also reduce lane width perception which has the effect of lowering overall vehicle speeds.  Rocbinda™ resin offers durability and long service life for all your coloured surfacing requirements.

Contact us to discuss your scheme and receive any specific technical advice in relation to your coloured surfacing needs.



With Rocbinda™ you can be sure of an appropriate skid resistant surface

The Department for Transport's 'Safety at Street Works and Road Works Act' requires foot and road plates for use with temporary works to have an appropriate skid resistant surface – Rocbinda™ provides the ultimate solution.

Using 1-3mm calcined bauxite for maximum durability, and with bond strength to steel in excess of 150kg/cm², the system has been independently tested by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) where the results proved that when Rocbinda™ is applied directly to bituminous or concrete surfaces it can withstand up to 3,500 commercial vehicles per lane per day braking on it, with an expected lifespan of five to ten years.

With all this provided from a coating approximately 5mm thick, Rocbinda™ is the ideal product to enable you to comply with government guidelines and maintain a reactive company profile. Our in-house service has the ability to inlay letters and shapes in various coloured aggregates to aid plate identification and enhance company image. Depending on the customer's requirements, we can supply materials or, alternatively, offer a complete service to prepare and coat customers' own plates.

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Rocbinda™ has been designed primarily as a high performance road surfacing system. It demonstrates many essential features that contribute to its cost-effectiveness and speed of application.

Rocbinda™ is a two- part polyurethane resin system used to bond calcined bauxite aggregate to provide a Type 1 approved strong anti-skid surface. Its performance at TRL classified Rocbinda™ as excellent, and better than conventional epoxy  formulations.  Since 1999, Rocbinda™ has held a BBA / HAPAS certificate (12/H196),  for Type 1 applications, the results of the independent testing proving it can withstand up to 3,500 commercial vehicles per lane per day braking on it, with an expected lifespan of five to ten years.

Rocbinda™ was the first polyurethane system to receive BBA / HAPAS approval, and is also one of the few approved for use on concrete surfaces. It is available with 1-3 mm calcined bauxites (Chinese bauxite or Guyanese bauxite natural aggregates) in various pack sizes.

For smaller surface areas, Rocbinda™ offer a special ‘DIY’ pack designed for the Utility Trench market. This is suitable for re-instating small areas of coloured or anti-skid surfacing that has been removed by Utility or other contractors.  For medium to large areas our 8kg and 16kg Rocbinda™ units are more suitable.

By enabling control of the rate of cure – even in cold conditions down to 5°c – the Rocbinda™ highway surfacing system can be installed and open to traffic after just two and a half hours.  By controlling the cure rate with on-site catalyst dosing, the installer can make their output up to four times greater with minimal disruption to the road network.

Rocbinda™ also demonstrates many other high-specification characteristics. It has minimal Health and Safety implications for installers and the public. It is easy to apply, and requires minimal plant outlay. The resin needs no heating and is precisely formulated to be easy to spread, yet viscous enough for ease of application on sloping surfaces. Grades available include summer, standard and winter, while the variety of pack sizes ensures minimal wastage.

Jobling Purser also provide comprehensive instructions for Rocbinda™. We pride ourselves on our thorough training, which gives the installer’s workforce the skills to get it right first time.  Contact us for further information.



Rocbinda™ effectively highlights Bus and Cycle Lanes

Studies have shown that designated lanes enable buses to pull out much easier as they simply drive forward into the empty lane.  The improved journey times encourage an increase in the patronage numbers which has an effect on reducing overall congestion, which in turn reduces the overall levels of harmful vehicle emissions.  Bus operators also benefit by way of significantly improved fuel efficiency as well as reducing their own carbon emissions.

The Department for Transport suggests that the use of green surfacing to highlight an advanced stop line reservoir at traffic signals reduces vehicle encroachment.  Aside from improving cyclist safety, this benefits pedestrian safety as well, by providing a greater distance between them and the stationary traffic. This buffer zone will also reduce any feeling of intimidation they may feel due to the proximity of vehicles at a stop line.

Rocbinda™ surfacing is the ideal solution to provide hard wearing, skid resistant coloured surfacing which is enhanced by its ease and speed of application.  A cold applied formulation, Rocbinda™ can be applied without the use of specialist heating equipment and produces a seamless finish to the treated surface.

From the moment the loose aggregate is swept off, the surface has maximum skid resistance which is of great importance within busy pedestrian and high traffic areas.

Our friendly staff are available to offer their years of experience which ensures you can specify with confidence.



Safety matters – with Rocbinda™ you have a durable and highly visible skid resistant surface.

Pedestrian safety is paramount especially when crossing busy lanes of traffic.  Rocbinda™ offers the ideal solution not only offering a long term, durable, highly visible marking but also offers good slip resistance to both pedestrians and traffic alike.

With a wide range of coloured and natural aggregates available, Rocbinda™ can be used to create highly visible markings which continue to give good skid resistance even in wet conditions when compared with traditional thermoplastic paints.

With quick installation times and long term service life, Rocbinda™ is the natural choice.  Contact our helpful staff who will be happy to talk through your project.



Clarity with safety built in.

Car Parks are dangerous places.  With a high intensity of vehicular movements and continuous pedestrian activity thrown into the mix, accidents are commonplace.  Rocbinda™ can be used to offer both vehicles and pedestrians a good skid / slip resistant surface whilst also enabling clear demarcation by utilising the wide range of resin and aggregate colours available.

In addition, the use of the Rocbinda™ system to clearly demark specialist parking bays gives the long term solution for abuse of disabled and parent parking areas.

With years of experience in both resin surfacing and asphalt and macadam, our helpful staff would be pleased to discuss your project requirements.



Rocbinda™ gives a natural, complementary finish to footpaths in parks and other open spaces.

Asphalt and concrete pathways in parks and gardens and other open spaces can often look harsh and drab and do not provide a sympathetic finish to the soft landscaping surroundings.  By applying Rocbinda™ and a suitable natural aggregate to bituminous or concrete surfaces, the area can be transformed from being dull and functional to eye catching and aesthetically pleasing.

Being quick to apply, large schemes can be installed with little disruption to give a long term visually pleasing surface.  The Rocbinda™ system, unlike other systems, has no odour and with no requirement for heavy or specialist vehicles, can be applied in areas which have limited accessibility.

With no ongoing maintenance required other than occasional sweeping to remove leaves and other debris, the Rocbinda™ surface will give you years of attractive service.

Contact our helpful staff who will be happy to offer their many years of technical experience to help with your project.



Be the envy of your neighbours with a Rocbinda™ surfaced driveway

Your home no longer needs to look like your neighbours.  Whether you’re looking to sell your home or preparing to update your landscaping, Rocbinda™ gives individuality to your property and sets you apart from the crowd.

Block paving, slabs, concrete imprinting – it’s all been done before. 

With a driveway coated with Rocbinda™ surfacing you can transform your asphalt or concrete into a spectacular, natural aggregate finish which, with carefully chosen resin and aggregate will complement existing stone, brick or render finishes and soft landscaping. 

With over 20 years experience in manufacturing Rocbinda™, Jobling Purser staff are on hand to offer friendly, helpful advice.  Contact us for more information.



Rocbinda™ is the obvious choice for applying an attractive yet robust surface to any bridge deck

Rocbinda™ will adhere to timber, steel, concrete and bituminous materials which makes it the ideal product to specify for bridge deck surfacing.  Rocbinda™ gives a striking finish whilst offering good skid and slip resistance when safety is also an important factor.

On steel bridges, Rocbinda™ has a bond strength in excess of 150kg/cm² and will protect the steel from rusting.  On external grade timber, either the full board can be coated or individual strips – it’s your choice.

Rocbinda™ can be used to visually enhance the surface whilst also softening the impact of large bridge structures.

Rocbinda™ – the only natural choice.  Contact our friendly staff who will be happy to answer your technical queries.



The perfect paving option for complimenting natural materials

Rocbinda™ with its BBA / HAPAS High Friction pedigree means it is the perfect material choice for all resin bonded schemes.  For architects to know and have confidence that this paving material is certified for highways use and is still manufactured to the same highly successful formulation over 20 years on, sets us apart from the competition. 

With no odour from the resin and a wide range of natural aggregates available to choose from combined with the seamless finish, Rocbinda™ is the viable solution for all architectural hard landscaping challenges.

Speak with our helpful staff who will happily impart our years of experience and help you specify Rocbinda™ with confidence for your next project.

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