Cycle and Bus lanes


Rocbinda™ effectively highlights Bus and Cycle Lanes

Studies have shown that designated lanes enable buses to pull out much easier as they simply drive forward into the empty lane.  The improved journey times encourage an increase in the patronage numbers which has an effect on reducing overall congestion, which in turn reduces the overall levels of harmful vehicle emissions.  Bus operators also benefit by way of significantly improved fuel efficiency as well as reducing their own carbon emissions.

The Department for Transport suggests that the use of green surfacing to highlight an advanced stop line reservoir at traffic signals reduces vehicle encroachment.  Aside from improving cyclist safety, this benefits pedestrian safety as well, by providing a greater distance between them and the stationary traffic. This buffer zone will also reduce any feeling of intimidation they may feel due to the proximity of vehicles at a stop line.

Rocbinda™ surfacing is the ideal solution to provide hard wearing, skid resistant coloured surfacing which is enhanced by its ease and speed of application.  A cold applied formulation, Rocbinda™ can be applied without the use of specialist heating equipment and produces a seamless finish to the treated surface.

From the moment the loose aggregate is swept off, the surface has maximum skid resistance which is of great importance within busy pedestrian and high traffic areas.

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