Traffic Calming


Rocbinda™ pigmented resin ensures longer colour life to traffic calming areas over traditional bitumen based systems

Using the same polyurethane resin technology as our BBA /HAPAS approved system, Rocbinda™ can be used in conjunction with a range of aggregates, both natural and brightly pigmented, to provide a variety of coloured road surfaces for various applications.

To the road user, the use of coloured surfacing draws attention to a change of environment, a particular hazard or highlights other measures implemented to improve road safety.  The use of colour on a carriageway can also reduce lane width perception which has the effect of lowering overall vehicle speeds.  Rocbinda™ resin offers durability and long service life for all your coloured surfacing requirements.

Contact us to discuss your scheme and receive any specific technical advice in relation to your coloured surfacing needs.

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