In 1999 Rocbinda™ attained Type 1 BBA /HAPAS approval. This prestigious, worldwide recognised approval, includes passing the following:

  • Independently tested against resistance to scuffing at 100,000 wheel passes.Independently tested after heat aging at 70°C +/-3°C for 112 days.Independently tested to determine tensile adhesion.Independently tested against resistance to freeze / thaw.
  • Independently tested against resistance to diesel.
  • Independently tested for the reaction to thermal movement.
  • Independently tested for suitability with asphalt, macadam and concrete surfaces.
  • Independent on site verification of 5 separate 2 year trial sites.

As well as being manufactured to ISO 9002. BBA approval means a 6 monthly detailed audit of manufacturing records.

Anticipated life span when used in conjunction with calcined bauxite of 5-10 years with up to 3,500 commercial vehicles breaking on the surface per lane per day.

  • Independently tested to BS 7976-2 Pendulum Floor Slip Testing achieving a figure of 102 PTV.

  • Jobling Purser have a 20 year track record of manufacturing Rocbinda™.
  • Rocbinda™ gives a seamless finish.
  • Rocbinda™ is odour free.
  • Rocbinda™ gives a hard wearing and durable surface.
  • Rocbinda™ needs little or no maintenance.
  • Rocbinda™ has high elongation at break making it flexible, coupled with high tensile strength results give unsurpassed physical properties.
  • Rocbinda™ can be pigmented to compliment the chosen aggregate.
  • Rocbinda™ Catalyst inclusion reduces cure times and improve productivity and enables Rocbinda to be laid all year round.
  • Rocbinda™ comes in a wide variety of packaging options including trench re-instatement packs.

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